Destiny 2: Where Is Xur Today? Location and Exotic Items for August 5-9

The vendor who cannonically loves ultimate frisbee, Xûr, is now live in Destiny 2 for the weekend until next week’s reset. If you’re looking to get your some shiny new Exotic armor or weapons for your Guardian, look no further.

Each week, Xûr has a random assortment of Exotic armor, one for each Guardian class, as well as a random Exotic Weapon and an Exotic Engram available for purchase. In addition to his Exotic wares, he’s got a random collection of Legendary weapons and armor to deck out your Guardians.

We’ve rounded up all the info on Xûr for the week including where to find Xûr, which Exotic weapons and armor are available, as well as which Legendary weapons you should pick up, either for PvE or PvP.

Where Is Xûr Today?

Xûr’s location can be found at Winding Cove in the EDZ on August 5 through August 9. To reach him, travel to the landing point at Winding Cove. When you arrive, make for the rock cliffs at the far end of the cove and look for a cave winding up to a platform next to some Fallen. There you’ll find the freakish salesman we all adore.

What’s Xûr Selling Today?

Exotic Engram

Tractor Cannon – Exotic Shotgun

Lucky Pants – Exotic Hunter Leg Armor

28 Mobility3 Resilience2 Recovery16 Discipline6 Intellect12 StrengthTotal: 67

Peacekeepers – Exotic Titan Leg Armor

3 Mobility3 Resilience24 Recovery9 Discipline13 Intellect6 StrengthTotal: 58

Aeon Soul – Exotic Warlock Gauntlets

9 Mobility9 Resilience16 Recovery2 Discipline6 Intellect20 StrengthTotal: 62

The only must-have exotic this week is the Hunter boots, which are a great exotic in general, but this week also have very high stats and a very spikey Mobility stat that’s ideal for some Hunters.

Exotic Weapons

Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon

Paracausal ShotFull BoreAlloy MagazineHip-Fire GripHeavy Grip

Dead Man’s Tale – Exotic Scout Rifle

Cranial SpikeFluted BarrelSteady RoundsVorpal WeaponFitted Stock

Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale are both great weapons generally speaking, and the roll for latter this week is actually pretty good for the first time in awhile. I’m a big fan of Vorpal Weapon on that bad boy, so reccomend picking it up this week if you’ve been holding off!

Legendary Weapons

Talons of the Eagle – Scout Rifle

Extended Barrel/Fluted BarrelAccurized Rounds/Alloy MagazineFull Auto Trigger SystemMoving TargetStability Masterwork

Gnawing Hunger – Auto Rifle

Corkscrew Rifling/Extended BarrelAccurized Rounds/Steady RoundsField PrepRampageStability Masterwork

Honor’s Edge – Sword

Jagged Edge/Tempered EdgeBalanced Guard/Enduring GuardTireless BladeSurroundedImpact Masterwork

Widow’s Bite – Sniper Rifle

Fluted Barrel/Polygonal RiflingAccurized Rounds/Steady RoundsFeeding FrenzyEye of the StormRange Masterwork

Ikelos_SR_V1.0.2 – Sniper Rifle

Fluted Barrel/Full BoreAppended Mag/Extended MagFeeding FrenzyDisruption BreakStability Masterwork

Survivor’s Epitaph – Hand Cannon

Chambered Compensator/SmallboreRicochet Rounds/flared MagwellFeeding FrenzyMoving TargetOne Quiet MomentImpact Masterwork

Vulpecula – Hand Cannon

Extended Barrel/Fluted BarrelExtended Mag/Alloy MagazineKilling WindAdagioImpact Masterwork

My top picks this week are Vulpecula with Killing Wind and Adagio, and Gnawing Hunger with Field Prep and Rampage. Not much else jumps out at me, but those two are quite good in this humble Guardian’s opinion.

Warlock Legendary Armor

For Warlocks, Xûr is selling the Righteous set which includes:

Righteous Gauntlets

24 Mobility2 Resilience2 Recovery17 Discipline6 Intellect10 StrengthTotal: 61

Righteous Chest Armor

2 Mobility26 Resilience2 Recovery9 Discipline2 Intellect20 StrengthTotal: 61

Righteous Helmet

2 Mobility18 Resilience12 Recovery20 Discipline6 Intellect2 StrengthTotal: 60

Righteous Leg Armor

16 Mobility6 Resilience12 Recovery14 Discipline14 Intellect2 StrengthTotal: 64

Righteous Bond

The best thing Warlocks have to offer this week are the boots, with 64 overall stat points with a pretty even distribution, but those are only really good if you’ve got a specific use case so I can only tepidly recommend them. Nothing else is worth considering.

Titan Legendary Armor

For Titans, Xûr is selling the Righteous set which includes:

Righteous Gauntlets

14 Mobility12 Resilience7 Recovery10 Discipline18 Intellect2 StrengthTotal: 63

Righteous Chest Armor

10 Mobility7 Resilience16 Recovery10 Discipline18 Intellect2 StrengthTotal: 63

Righteous Helmet

15 Mobility2 Resilience15 Recovery16 Discipline12 Intellect2 StrengthTotal: 62

Righteous Leg Armor

22 Mobility2 Resilience2 Recovery2 Discipline15 Intellect16 StrengthTotal: 59

Righteous Mark

Most of the armor for Titans this week is just okay overall with no especially spikey rolls, so I have a hard time getting very excited. Sorry, Titans!

Hunter Legendary Armor

For Hunters, Xûr is selling the Righteous set which includes:

Righteous Gauntlets

2 Mobility16 Resilience12 Recovery10 Discipline12 Intellect11 StrengthTotal: 63

Righteous Chest Armor

24 Mobility2 Resilience2 Recovery7 Discipline8 Intellect16 StrengthTotal: 59

Righteous Helmet

2 Mobility23 Resilience6 Recovery9 Discipline7 Intellect15 StrengthTotal: 62

Righteous Leg Armor

10 Mobility2 Resilience20 Recovery6 Discipline12 Intellect12 StrengthTotal: 62

Righteous Cloak

Similar to Titans, there aren’t many things to get jazzed about this week in the legendary armor category. Thankfully Hunters have the amazing roll of Lucky Pants to be happy about.

That’s a wrap on Xûr for this week, Guardians! What do you think about Bungie’s announcement of a new PvP game mode called Eruption? Let us know in the comments! For more on Destiny, check out some of the new weapons and gear you can find in The Witch Queen and read about how Sony’s purchase of Bungie fits into its larger plans.

Travis Northup is a writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @TieGuyTravis and read his games coverage here.

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